A Wrestling Day ~!

by - julio 27, 2014

Today I’ll share with you one of the things I love the most: Wrestling Lucha Libre!
Hoy les compartiré un poco sobre una de las cosas que más me gustan: la Lucha Libre.

kids enjoying the ring. :)
 A lot of people don’t believe me when I say that I really like this sport (in fact, I love sports) because of how I dress and my music tastes, but I really like and enjoy it; actually, the first time I went to watch Wrestling was 20 years ago… yes! I was 2 months old the first time I went to watch this amazing art and I have been enjoying it ever since.
Muchas personas no me creen cuando les digo que me gusta este deporte (de hecho, amo los deportes) por cómo me visto y mis gustos musicales, pero de verdad me gusta mucho y lo disfruto; la primera vez que fui a ver lucha libre fue hace 20 años... Sí, yo tenía solamente 2 meses de nacida la primera vez que fui y lo he estado disfrutando desde entonces.

When I entered high school I stopped going for no reason; I just didn’t had time to go and also stopped watching wrestling on TV, I stared doing and going to other places like anime conventions, dancing and going to concerts.

Now, when I entered to the University I had more vacations and also almost stopped going to anime conventions, so I decided to keep going once in a while, because I really enjoy it (if you have never gone, it’s a must J). So far, I’ve gone to Tijuana and Rosarito and have had a lot of fun.

Cuando entré a la preparatoria deje de ir sin ninguna razón en particular; simplemente no tenía tiempo y también deje de ver lucha libre en TV, comencé a hacer e ir a otros lugares como convenciones de anime, a bailar y conciertos.

I always go with my Dad, and sometimes also with my grandma and some cousins that also like wrestling (My mom never goes because she hates it xD). Only once I went with my boyfriend, he was so scare. And yes, he asked me to never invite him to those events again; it was really funny to see his face all full of horror <3 :3="" add="" cute="" he="" i="" looked="" must="" o:p="" really="">

This was one of my outfits I wore when I went to Rosarito; and yes I look like a ghost xD Is because of the lights ok.  

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