Red Hair vs Brown Wig ~!

by - agosto 08, 2014

What's up? :) I hope you had a good day because I haven't x) this semester is going to be awful at school, I have a lo of things to do, problems and I have a horrible headache u_u. I can't stop thinking about all the troubles I have T^T . I'm trying to think that I'll be the entire weekend in LA watching my favorite artists and gonna see Leo again :)

As you may know my hair is currently red, and I'm going to cosplay Taeyeon in the mr mr outfits (those beautiful dresses), she has brown-black hair! So I thought that maybe my wig could be good for this and I try it :)

But I don't feel comfortable with it, so I'm going to dye my hair brown T^T I can't believe I am actually going to do it XD but I have to, like I said in the last post, my hair need to rest a little bit too :)

And even tough I have a lot of problems (I can't even sleep pretty well, it's awful) I bought some clothes yesterday, and also a delicious cake! :) just look at it! is chocolate and more chocolate haha I love it!

Thanks for everything readers and have a nice day :) 

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