Hello! My name is Lizeth Zepeda Ramirez, I am 20+ years old and I live in Tijuana, Mexico. I am a freelance translator from English to Spanish and I combine translation with the writing about fashion and music. This is a diverse blog, not only about translation, and is mostly bilingual, so several articles will be written in English and Spanish.

Here you will find a variety of topics besides translation, such as:

- My musical opinions, especially Korean music.
-My experience in concerts and events, about fashion, music and wrestling.
-Articles on fashion, especially from Asia and events in the region.
-My own view on fashion.

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Other things about me:

My nickname is Lizzy and I am blogger of the border city of Tijuana, Mexico since 2009. I love traveling, visiting new places and share these experiences. Among my passions stand out fashion, music and wrestling, but my biggest passion is dance, which I practice as a hobby. Also, I have a fascination with skulls and pink color in my hair, which I struggle to not be an impediment in the overwhelming working world.

If you like, you can follow me on: Instagram and Twitter. Welcome to this space and thank you very much for your interest.


Blogger mexicana de Tijuana Baja California. Amante de la música coreana K-POP, moda asiática, y recomendaciones de lugares y eventos. También artículos sobre moda y belleza, así como comics, anime y mas. Mexican blogger latin blogger blogger latina hispana