Party Night ~!

by - 18:06

Hace muchisimo tiempo que no salia de fiesta, fue.... muy raro... pero me diverti mucho (menos mal)

Very long time ago that I did not went to a party, it was... really weird... nut I had a lot of fun (luckily)

This is how you start a party... and this is the after... xD 

I have done other things in all this time; like, going to the beach and anime conventions ~! 

All for this entry... I've had a hard time studying Japanese T^T is so hard... I just want to pass the class. Wish me luck >< 

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3 comentarios

  1. Good luck with passing your class!
    I have also been having trouble with Japanese lately :/
    estoy alegre que estas escribiendo en tu blog otra vez! ^-^


Gracias / Thank you