It's summer time ~!

by - junio 30, 2014

Summer is here! And for a lot of us it means vacations time!: Hang out, parties, dance, concerts, and more.   

That’s why I thought of a playlist of the songs I love to hear this season, you know, those songs you would love to hear when you are at the beach with your friends, boyfriend or family!  and because (you may know), I really like kpop, this are going to be Songs by Kpop boy groups, girl groups and solo artist that will help you get ready for summer ~!

¡El Verano ya llegó! y para muchos eso significa: vacaciones~! : Salidas, fiestas, conciertos y más.

 Por eso es que se me ocurrió hacer un playlist de las canciones que me gusta escuchar en esta temporada, esas canciones que te animan cuando están en la playa disfrutando de la compañía de tus amigos, novio (a) o familia, y como me gusta el pop coreano, este playlist será sobre las canciones por grupos masculinos, femeninos y solistas que te ayudarán a prepararte para disfrutar este verano.

01.  Mighty Mouth Ft. Soya - Lalala
02.  VIXX – Super Hero
03.   Lunafly - Fly to Love

04.  Seo In Guk - Shake It Up 

05.  Akdong Musician - I Love You
06.  Geeks - Fly

07.  Led apple - run to you
08.  Kim Hyun Joong – Let’s Party
09.  Ulala Session - Beautiful Night
10.  Big Bang and 2NE1 – Lollipop
11.  Psy - Right now
12.  Big bang - sunset glow

13.  TVXQ – Summer Dream

01.  “I’m gonna leave today please don’t search for me, I’m gonna meet that hot sun. The trip of singing and dancing has begun… Hoo Let’s Party ~!!” This is how the song starts, and the reason why is the #1 track for this playlist. 

02.  This VIXX song is not really about summer, but it is about traveling the world and having fun~ singing by a boy who just want to give you everything you want. What’s better than that? ;D  

03.  The Korean, English or even the acoustic version of this song is wonderful and colorful! If you don’t believe me, just watch the video (Plus: they mention Cancun, Mexico xD) 

04.  A somewhat old song of the also actor Seo In Guk everything neon and shiny ~! 

05.  Even though it’s not a really summer song , it’s so catchy, cute and full of ageyo~!! It a youthful love song and at the instant you listen to it (at least to me) it makes you smile :D

06.  Now a most relaxing and fresh song for this playlist, this song by Geeks it’s perfect because of that: their voice, rhythm and melody are like the calm wind of the late afternoon on a day at the beach~ 

07.  This song is perfect for a late night party at the beach: sexy and a little bit a latin soul with that viva la loca loca xD 

08.  I had to include the ultimate Leader (for me ok) and this song was ideal, a little bit cheesy but still fun and cute enough for a summer day. 

09.  This is just a crazy but great song that you need in every playlist! 

10.  Yes maybe at first sight is not a summer song, but it is so colorful cute and hip hop at the same time, that you need to listen to it at every party in the beach ;D (even tough it’s for a cellphone) 

11.  One of my favorite songs of PSY just PARTY! 

12.  Maybe it’s not a summer song, BUT THEY ARE AT THE BEACH! And it’s cute ^.^ 
13.  To finish this playlist THE ULTIMATE SUMMER SONG~! Yes it’s not in Korean but this song by Tohoshinki is too beautiful to not include it! (and also they’re Korean xD) And what better way to show it to you, but they performing this song in the Pirates ship of Luffy :D 



01. Wonder Girls - Like this
02. Hyuna - Ice Cream
03. 2NE1 - falling in Love
04. Secret - Yoohoo
05. Girls Day - Hug me just once
06. Rania - up
07. F(x) - Hot summer
08. Hyuna - Bubble Pop

09. Dalshabet - Be Ambitious
10. F(x) – ice cream
11. After School Red - In the night sky
12. SPICA - Tonight

 01. The best song to start the playlist is this one! A song that everyone in South Korea knows and dance to it, by one of the best girl groups the kpop ever had :(

02. The first ice cream of this playlist; maybe not about summer, but it is about something we love to eat on a hot summer day, repetitive but catchy, it’s what this songs about J Enjoy it. 

03. 2NE1 have to be on the list, and with the only song that can be summer related; just listening to it gives you that feeling of being at the beach playing volleyball in a sexy bikini ;D (Says the girl who has never wear a bikini ^^) 

04. and 05. Now let’s change a bit to a cute song; these 2 songs are the cutest of the playlist: in one MV we get lost in an Island and in the other we invite the man of our dreams to a beach party J Have fun ~! 


06. Let’s get rid of the cute feeling with this sexy song by Rania: a big pool party full of pretty girls and sexy boys who invite you to have fun ~!

07. Just by seeing the name of this song you know that it must be here! HOT SUMMER! The ultimate girl groups summer song ever J

08. Because it’s never too sexy: another song by Hyuna (4minute) that maybe is just another love song, but you cannot deny that there is a summer feeling in it (besides, if you watch the video it’s definitely a summer song) 

09. This song has to be here, it is not about summer either, but it is about something most girls think when they are at the beach and spot a hot guy ;D (Do not deny it~!) “Hey guy just look at my legs, they are long and beautiful just like me” ß summary of the song.

10. Now let’s get the second ice cream of the playlist with f(x) because summer is nothing without a delicious treat! This song is as sweet as the ice cream~! (and is also full of engrish ^^)

11. As we are finishing the playlist we are entering the night as well as the songs in it; this song by after school sub unit “after school red” takes us to a party at night in the desert, to have fun dancing around a bonfire, “forgetting all love troubles, let’s just have fun”.

12. Now to finish this playlist, I have the perfect song for you: Tonight by Spica, “Tonigh is the night we have been waiting for” That‘s how we start and finish ~ “Tonight is the night”. Enjoy ~!

01.   SMTown, “Red Sun”

This songs are full of fun (LOL) colorful, freshness and make you feel great! Make you feel it is worth to be alive and party all day long even though sometimes it hard because of the hot summer (F(x) xD)
PD: Yes I know there are A LOT more kpop songs about summer, if I did not include them is because I DON’T LIKE THEM! 
So, what are you waiting for? Download those songs and Happy summer!

Bye Bye 

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