Shopping in SD ~!

by - julio 07, 2014

Hello we meet again ~! Ok to be honest I don't feel like writing in English, I've been writing in English all day and I need a rest, so only Spanish for this entry (but you can still enjoy the pictures haha)

Hoy solo vengo a contarles de la ultima vez (creo) que fui a San Diego; como ven en las fotos soy blond asi que fue al menos hace un mes @.@ y fue rapido so, not much to tell~!

Hacia un monton de calor, por lo que mi make-up y outfit fueron sencillos; en serio, en este ultimo mes ha hecho muchisimo calor ~!

Here's my outfit and a beautiful black skirt that I bought that day, I totally love it ~!

I also bought this beautiful white dress for a concert ( I will write about that in another post)

so it's all I did; oh I went to eat too, and took some pictures :) 


I know I said it was going to be in Spanish... Don't know what happened XD 

Yeah basically pic spam :D not Sorry ~!

Bye Bye 

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