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by - agosto 01, 2014

Rosarito Beach :) (all pics by me, don't steal them u.u)

Is summer time! and as I live in a beach city, is a law to go there :) 

I went like a month ago with my boyfriend to Rosarito Beach :) is usually clean and calm, so I love to go there; in fact, I always go to the same beach haha. It is also really near to the high school I use to go (also my boyfriend) and we have been to that place before a lot of times, even with my family. 

That day we went a little bit late (at 4 pm if I remember) because it was really freaking hot and sunny before >< also, I didn't wanted to get sunburn ><  we got there and O.O OMG there were a bunch of people everywhere! full of tourists of course but also locals :) 

I know it doesn't look like there where a lot of ppl, but is because we went along the beach until we got to that place where no one was :D 
We started by just walking from the boulevard down the street to the beach (is really close so we didn't walked too much) we saw a lot of people everywhere and we kept walking along the beach watching all the people (some of them looked really funny n.n ...sorry xD) until some sellers of the clubs started to talk to us in "english" ( is between "" because I couldn't understand them XD) but when I go out with my boyfriend, people always talk to us in english, so I'm use to it xD. The first time I was like "hello, I've been living here all my life -.-" but well...

We kept walking until my boyfriend wanted to eat someting (junk food xD) so we went to one vendor and ordered some tostilocos (its delicious :P) we only ordered one and was really big! even for both of us; so we ate all we could, almost everything, to be honest xP and we left, went to sit down the sand to watch some little kids playing in the water :) 

then, we went up to the pier, but just for a little while because I was so f*cking scared :C I'm sorry but I'm afraid to heights and cannot be there for a long time or walk all over it >< is just really high for me u.u ; so we went down and went back walking.

my bf took this of course XD
can you see that? those are tostilocos! so yummy ... and junky xD 
and of course I took this ones :3 
As we were walking by the beach, my boyfriend started to get mmm to tease me about everything! >< haha so we ended up all wet, because he was trying to get me wet (?) obviously XD and he's very tall! so I don't really have an opportunity against him -.- the thing is that, after, we went to the little (really small) park that is near the beach ( the only one, so is easy to get there ahha). We were just laying down in the grass waiting for our clothes to dry, and chatting :3 although it was very fast because the sun was really up in the sky and really freaking hot! as I said before here, and other posts hhehe, sorry about that. 

Then it was like 7, almost 8 pm and we were really hungry >< so we went to this really known restaurant of the city, and even tough I have live my entire life there, I haven't gone to this place before XD it's called "El Nido" and they have a lot of delicious food! (Now I know why they are famous haha).  
Before entering the restaurant we waited a little bit in the car, but was OK :) 

yeah some selfies at the car B) 
Oh also when we entered the restaurant the waiter talked to us in english, until my boyfriend answer him in spanish haha, was hilarious, his face was like "ok he's chinese but is speaking spanish when I talked to him in english... o.O Ok" sort of. 
We ordered almost the same dish, fish, baked potato, Caesar salad and shrimp, with a delicious and refreshing lemonade. I must say that the lemonade is the most delicious one I've ever drink!! Of course as we were waiting for our food and in between, and when eating (ok all the time) we were taking pictures XD but I won't put all of them here because well... there are A LOT!


I must say that everything was delicious and they give you a lot of food! the prices are reasonable, and I really enjoyed that evening with my loved one :) 

he is the loved one :P haha

and more me haha xD Have a nice day :3

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