A colorful Day ~!

by - 15:08

Today and OOTD with the one I went to movies with my boyfriend (check next post) For now, I’ll show you only my outfit  and make-up ~!

Sandals: random chinese store
Dress: ross

I must say that his is one of my cheapest outfits: the total is about 25 dlls bot bad huh? ;D


Can you believe that yesterday was so freaking hot and sunny, but today its raining and the sun is not where to be seen o.O ~! yep that's my city XD The weather is really crazy! we have all kinds of it here (except for snow, becuase we are by the sea) 

Oh, and here is my make up :)

(all for today cuz I'm about to go out ^^)

Bye Bye ~! :)

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