Free Forehead :)

by - julio 12, 2014

I know that the title of this post it's a little bit weird, but it is about that :) 

The thing is that I've been always embarrassed of my forehead, I think that it's to big and don't like to show it at all (that's why I have had bangs since I stared to care about my looks) but the other day my boyfriend came home and told me that I looked pretty with or without bangs, so I tried to go out with him without bangs, and I didn't feel ugly :D I feel more confident about it now! 

I even took some pictures of myself :)  

I took the pictures when I went back home from the movie theater, that's why the light is a little bit yellow, and my make-up awful xD But I really liked what I wore, so here's a pic of it :D

Yes I also tried some temporal tattoos ;D I love them! (most of them are skulls because I love skulls <3 n.n="" p="">

As I said, i went to the movies with my boyfriend :) We watched 2 movies haha we're crazy ;D We watched "Transformers" and "Transcendence" I like both movies, I mean transformers is about the transformers haha it's like the other 3 movies, it's worth watch it to have fun with your couple or friends :) 
" Transcendence" as you may know, Johnny Depp is in there, and I have to say that it's a must watch~! I totally love it! (my boyfriend didn't because well you have to think a lot and he doesn't like movies for that haha he says he just want to have fun xD) but for me it was a great movie :) 

I like how my eyeliner looks here xD

and I wanted to have a lot of pictures with this top because it's maybe the last time I wore it u.u ; the thing is that, THIS TOP IS SO FUCKING SMALL! I need my mom help to wear it, can you believe it ~!! but is so f*cking pretty *w* !

I'll see what to do about it ><  Now, I'm off here to clean my room and do some exercise ;D 

Bye Bye 

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