It has been a long time isn't

by - agosto 14, 2013


It has been a long time isn't ...

I'm going to stay in this blog and keep writing and everything , more often =)

Now just to let you know that I have a new account! on Instantgram, here is it if you want to follow me n.n
(I spend more time here so..) The link is also in the right label ^.^  ------->


I'm going to do a summary of this past months:

Lately I watch a LOT of TV Shows x) Cake Boss, Storage Wars, CSI (Miami, NY etc.) K and C-dramas..

I went to a soccer game, and a couple of K-pop concerts (BAP & MBLAQ) and anime conventions in my city =)

I celebrate the Birthday of Taeyang (without him of course .__. haha) , N, Hyuk and the 1st year anniversary of VIXX (K-pop group) if you don't know them... YOU SHOULD LOOK FOR THEM.. NOW O.O!

Now I have a new cellphone and ipod and they are so cute =3

And of course, my hair color changed.... A LOT XD

And yes, this post is only going to be in english I don't feel like writing in spanish ><

See you next time 

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