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by - abril 18, 2014

Hello everyone! Today it's going to be a short post because I have a lot of homework (yeah vacations -.-) 
In the past months, when my hair was all pink, I thought I was going to have troubles to find nice clothes that would look good with my pink hair (specially because I don't have ANY pink clothes!) But I found out that is not as hard as I thought! 

Actually I've seen in magazines and blogs that is "in" to combine patterns and colors, but you have to be VERY careful (you don't want to combine to many or you will look like a clown, that means TERRIBLE) there is a small line between, looking stylish and  dowdy. 

I tried my best and this was the result:

Hola a todos! hoy será una entrada cortita porque tengo muchísima tarea (vacaciones?).
En los meses anteriores, cuando mi cabello era completamente rosa, creí que iba tener problemas a la hora de vestirme y que se mirara bien con mi cabello rosa (sobre todo porque no tengo ropa de ese color) Pero me di cuenta de que no era tan difícil como lo imaginé.

De hecho, he visto en revistas y blogs que esta de moda el combinar diferentes colores, texturas y estampados en un outfit, pero siendo muy cuidadoso (pues no quieres terminar luciendo horrible como payasito) hay una linea muy delgada entre verse stylish y desaliñado.

Traté de hacer eso, combinar colores y estampados pero sin tratar de parecer un payaso xD y esto salio:

As you can see, I tried to put together "red, white and black" clothes, and also trying to combine some accessories like my cap with spikes, some bracelets and a black necklace. 

Como pueden ver, traté de combinar los colores rojo, blanco y negro en mi conjunto, así como diferentes patrones en las prendas con esos colores. También agregué accesorios como pulseras, un collar y una gorra con picos plateados. 

And I stylish my hair straight on top and curly on the ends.

Por último, mi cabello lo estilicé usándolo lacio de arriba y ondulado de las puntas.

En cuanto terminé algo de tarea, subiré entradas mas interesantes, con temas diferentes. =) 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. You are wonderful!
    you are very pretty and have great style :)
    I love blogs like this one, full of passion :)
    keep in touch?
    I love to read about new cultures, traditions and meet new people
    especially from other countries away from me :)
    greetings from Polish <3

  2. Wow! You look great! I think you chose the right colors! x3 And your hair is gorgeous! As always! Xoxo Lou

  3. You put an amazing outfit *O* But what I like the most is your hair! I dont think I have this courage to dye mine pink, but yours is totally amazing o/

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  4. What a nice outfit, I would love for you to see my blog.

  5. nice look *_*



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