Red Wine OOTD ~!

by - agosto 06, 2014

Not long ago I went out with my Friends (see last post J ) and I wore this.

Croptop: Forever XXI
Skirt: Forever XXI
Shoes: random chinese store

I'll try to upload everyday, but this weekend I'm going to KCON in Los Angeles :) and this days I'm really busy preparing everything for the trip. I'm really nervous but exited ^^ I'm gonna meet some girls and cosplay SNSD with them :D of course when I get back I'll post about it. 

But for that, I'm going to dye my hair to brunette again >< I'm gonna miss having red hair very much! although it's a good chance for my hair to recover a little bit n.n I have been dying it since I was in high school (that's about 4 years) nonstop! and is in a really bad condition u.u So, no more crazy hair color for a little bit :C

OH and also I have bangs now! I feel really weird xD I haven't had them for about 4 months so it feels estrange haha, I don't know if stay with bangs or not. I'll figure it out after KCON :D

I must say that I really loved having red hair, and some day I'll have it again n.n 

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