A new day ~!

by - diciembre 07, 2013

Hello darlings! I'm finally on vacations! that means FREE TIME! *o* but also, time to study Japanese T^T haha, idk why, but is really hard for me >< I have to review what we saw this semester u_u .

OK in other things, I've been changing my hair color A LOT XD i'm going to get bald haha . first, it was like green & blond - then, green, blond, pink, purple xD, - after, just blond, and now it's like blond-brown xD


and now that I have time to do more things, I'm going to learn new choreos, study Japanese T^T , and of course to update more often this blog ^.^ 

I've been busy, but I went to a k-pop party with my friends and I wore this =) 

Well, now I gotta go, because I have a bunch of things to do @.@ but I'll be back =P

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