Green Light - Red Light ~!

by - julio 31, 2014

Sorry for not uploading today like "today" but still 11:49 pm so is still wednesday :D 

I wasn't able to upload something earlier today because I went out today; I had to go to see a friend who's doing a little project for VIXX at KCON, we are going to wear some t-shirt they wore a while ago, they are individual so I ordered one of Leo :) with rovix, his name and number of his birth year; I can't wait to wear it at the concert and convention n.n 


Blouse: random chinese store
Jeans: Swap Meet 

But I got home late because I went with my parents to the movies and we saw transformers (although I've had watch it before xD) and its soo sooo looong >< I kind of liked the movie, I just went to see for a second time one of my favorite actors: Stanley Tucci !!! he's awesome :D 

As you can see I have some tattoos on the pictures; no they are not real xD I just love tattoos but I don't feel ready to have a real one and haven't decided yet of what, so I'll better keep trying some fake ones until I make my mind. 


A little bit late I know >< 12:05 am gosh I have to sleep ~! I must say i love LOVE this blouse, but unfortunately I can't T^T its too small! can u believe I had to ask my mom to help me undress! @.@ haha it was too tight >< 

Have a nice day :D 

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