Sunglasses for a sunny day ~!

by - julio 29, 2014

What's up?  :)  I've been a little busy this days, but I'll try to upload something every single day. Because I'm on vacations (yes still on vacations xD) I hang out a lot with my boyfriend, but its summer, that means hot and sunny days! it's even hot in the nights. 

Well, last time I went shopping I decided I really needed some sunglasses ( I only had one pair of them xD) and bought this two beautiful things :)  one pair black and one pink! I really love them both. I use them when I go out with my friends and boyfriend, even to school sometimes because if I have to go at 10 am its already sunny and in my university get really hot ><

As I have been going out a lot but in the night, i don't really need them, just in few occasions, but believe me, every day is like hell, specially in my bedroom @.@ I have even slept in the living room, its a lot better n.n 

But some of these days that its too hot to go out, I stay home with my boyfriend and well just play around a little xD


and after~!! 
My stylish boyfriend xD 

Bye ~!!

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