The Simplicity of Life is the best of it ~!

by - julio 19, 2014

Tijuana sky  on a summer day.

What I mean by the title is that as you grow up, you figure out that maybe the best and happiest moments of your life are not when you spend a lot of money, or when you travel, sometimes the best moments are those where you are just lying down doing nothing but thinking a lot, and when you are with the people you love the most.

Picture of a random day at the park with my boyfriend.
For me one of those people is my boyfriend, and as the time is passing sometimes I feel better and really happy when we are just walking side by side, taking pictures, or just lying in a sofa talking about our daily life; I think that as you grow up you just figure it out and it’s not that important the place, if you have money to spend, to travel or things like that; I just gotta say that at this point of my life I’m really happy and hope it doesn't change J

(just my boyfriend keys and my nails :)

It also came this idea to my mind because I just read “The Diary of Anne Frank” (for like the 4th time) and every time I read this book, it changes the way I think and see the world; it may be writing by a 14 year old girl, but her way to write and see the world is inspiring!  
For me, one way to express myself and save those moments is not only writing about them, but also by taking pictures of those times that I find special. Sometimes, it can be of people, a place or even just a key charm (like the picture above) but for me those pictures are more than that; they are my memories. 

Yes, I was stalking him LOL
My boyfriend trying to fix some sunglasses.

or sometimes just pictures like this: batteries from South Korea and a shirt from Vietnam.

This are simple photos and simple moments, but when you think about them, you remembered that even though they were simple, they made you happy. 
Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you J

I’ll have better articles as soon as my laptop works I promise; in the meantime, you’ll have to read my cheesy and silly thoughts about life haha.; I'll try to stop, but I don't promise anything! Oh! on other news: I'm going to KCON! and I'll cosplay Taeyeon of SNSD :D Pictures soon ~~!

Take Care ~!

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